"Last winter my furnace was showing its age and was once again in need of an expensive replacement part. As it turned out, the part had been replaced less than a year before that. Gary recommended that I get the part replaced by the previous installer, as it should have been under warranty. I contacted the technician who replaced the part. When he finally returned our phone calls, he gave us the runaround and a litany of excuses; he couldn't find the paperwork, etc. We gave the previous technician a copy of our paperwork and he told us that the supplier wouldn't warranty the part because the part had been on the shelf for several years so the warranty was void. Gary took it upon himself, with no expense to us, to deal with the supplier to honor the warranty. As it turned out, the previous installer and the supplier never helped us but Gary spent a lot of his own time trying to rectify the matter. At that point, we decided to have Gary install a new furnace. Where it was mid-winter and we would be without heat for several days he found the part and installed it without cost to us so we could get through the winter. After thoroughly discussing our options and allowing us to compare prices with other dealers, we had him install a Buderus system in the spring. Whoever installed the original boiler did not have shutoffs for all of the circulators. Gary drained the system and re-piped everything with a much cleaner looking installation and shut offs for every component. He had quoted us a price and stuck to it even though material prices had risen in the six months since he gave us the quote. We are very happy with the furnace. It is much quieter and more efficient. Gary is without a doubt one of the best service technicians I have ever dealt with. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Gary Tremblay and his associates for any of your heating needs."

Lawrence and Elizabeth Marcotte

"When I initially contacted Gary, I requested a quote for a new boiler. Gary presented me with several options including both conventional and high efficiency boilers. Gary also explained the potential tax benefits of each. After doing some research, I chose the Buderus boiler as I determined that it was the best option for me. Gary provided and installed the boiler for me in a professional and timely manner. I have reduced my heating costs by 30 percent and received a $1500 tax credit.

Gary's service was truly first class - from start to finish."

N. Preston
E. Rochester, NH